About us

We are two friends from Split, Croatia and we have a thing for backpacks. After being unable to find or buy the backpacks we imagined, we decided to make them ourselves. Of course, it took us a few years to perfect our craft, and with the help of our mothers (and the rest of the family) we are now able to sew everything we imagine (well, almost everything). With every new season we try to push our limits and try to make something new, something we've never done before. That's why this job is so exciting, there are endless opportunities. And, of course, it's because of you guys, who appreciate our work and make us feel good about it and are always, always inspiring us!
Every backpack in our shop is handmade by the two of us. We have 2 identical sewing machines next to each other in our little studio. We like to play loud music while we're sewing so we sometimes end up dancing around instead of e.g. cutting materials. So you can be sure that your backpack is made by someone who really enjoys sewing. In addition to sewing, we also do everything else; from buying materials, sending out packages to replying to your messages. And if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us, we'll respond as soon as we can.

Your Kesa team,
Matea & Nikolina